At 1776 United, we pride ourselves on not only making an amazing product, but also on amazing Customer Service. We will lose sleep if we have one unhappy customer. So, we go out of our way to promptly answer any and all questions with the quickest response time. Below are just a few of our satisfied customers! 


"Nice hat and did not take lone to get."
Jack S.
"I already buy a shirt or two a month from this country-loving bourbon-sipping gun-shooting company. Might as well get a badass shirt every month! "
1776 Stars
"It makes every cup of coffee taste like George Washington himself made it for me from the finest coffee and tears of the British."
Molly H.
Why don't we drink from the skills of our enemies?!
"Love the mug! Thanks AV"
Adam V.
awesome mug
"super sturdy, beautifully designed, will be buying more!"
samantha j.
1776 shirt
"Great fit. Love wearing them. Will buy more."
Oscar C.
Excellent quality!
"worth every penny!"
Jacob B.
Sons of Liberty tankard
"I absolutely love it. I use it all the time."
jeffrey m.
Father of the Country
"This is an excellent design for a shirt. It is very comfortable and fits well. Proud to represent the brand."
Matt J.
Another great shirt!
"This is my sixth shirt form 1776 and I am still hugely impressed with this great company. The shirts are the most comfortable and best looking I have ever worn. The material used isn’t cheap even though the shirts are so thin and light weight. I also love the designs. And as always the shipping was pretty quick. I have a huge stack of awesome stickers I can display on my car and wherever else. Plus every time I purchase I get a discount on my next order. This is a great company to do business with. If you haven’t tried them out yet I highly recommend you do. You won’t be disappointed!! "
Mitch H.
Makes my coffee taste better.
"Ok. No it doesn’t but it does look cool and is very well made. Can’t wait to buy another."
Adam S.
Amazing shirt
"This shirt is amazing. Super comfy to wear, best shirt I have ever bought. Will buy more ."
My favorite polo
"Everything I've purchased from 1776 United is exceptional, and this is no different. Extremely comfortable, quality logo stitching, deep rich colors. I own several Brooks Brothers polos but this is somehow both superior AND less expensive. "
Nathan E.
Great Hoodie
"I love the design and the heavy weight of the hoodie.. great product, very well made. I highly recommend this hoodie. "
Lawrence R.
Original Rebel Flag
"Another great product. My son absolutely loved it and of course it was another smooth transaction. Thanks 1776 United."
Steve G.
Great Tumbler
"This has been a great tumbler. It is fantastic at keeping liquids warm. I usually take my time drinking coffee in the morning. It is still warm an hour later. The lid really seals on tight, so I'm not too worried about a spill. Also fits nicely into the cup holder in the center console of my truck. If I ever need a new tumbler (not likely with this one), I will definitely be coming back."
Gary S.
This Betsy Ross hoodie is infused with the Spirit of 76!
"Not only is this hoodie built rock solid but I'm pretty certain the flame of liberty it's sewn throughout it. Betsy Ross would be proud!"
Christopher R.
Best Customer Service Ever!
"Not only is this one of the coolest designs, the quality is fantastic! Additionally the customer service was second to none. I messed up my sizing and they were very helpful in getting a replacement on this limited addition. Would buy again!"
Zach S.
Bought for a friend
"I bought this particular shirt for a friend as a Christmas gift and he absolutely loves it. Like all of your shirts it feels great and fits wonderfully. It was his first shirt from you all (I have three so far) and he loves the quality you all put into your products. "
Matthew L.
Awesome Customer Service!
"I ordered the wrong size and inquired about it just after Christmas. The staff was quick to respond, super helpful, and the deliver was quick! Thank you"
Daina T.
Tea in the Harbor Tee
"I bought this for my husband for Xmas and he loves it. Now we want the hoodies and I have been eyeing the tankard as well. Love your products!"
Great Hoodie
"This hoodie fits very nice, is very warm, and is made of very high-quality stuff. My favorite hoodie ever. My school almost suspended me over it, but it was worth it. They said it was racist because the flag was made when slavery still existed. Now I wear a $100 hoodie from The North Face, but I it's not as warm or comfortable. Whoever designed this hoodie did a great job."
Cole Southard
"Another great product "
John M.
Tee party shirt
"If you ever wondered what freedom feels like. It’s this shirt, fits so well (I’m a bigger guy and it still fits great). Love the shirt can’t wait to get the next one "
Gabe L.
Sweet Lid
"Grest hat! Quality and fit is nice. Quick to ship too. "
Jeffery A.
"Shipping was fast, and the hat is incredibly comfortable and well made!"
Vincent C.
"Finally a mug I’m proud to drink coffee in. Over are the days using a traditional coffee cup that only fits one of my fingers like I’m some yuppy. Badass logo is a perk! Will buy another for work. "
Quinton L.
We Stand
"Comfortable fit, comments are great when I’m out and about. "
F. R.
Join or Die Hoodie
"Fits great for my young Patriot. He loved it on Christmas Day. My third or fourth order from 1776United and always come through. Semper Fi"
Matthew W.
Great Product!
"I was extremely happy with the quality of this shirt. Great message, and great product!"
Brian W.