Leather Wrapped Bottle Opener

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Front Design has our Join or Die Snake, back of the bottle opener contains our logo with the 13 stars at the bottom.

These bottle openers are made from full-grain American cowhide which was vegetable tanned in Pennsylvania. No two hides of leather are the same. Each bottle opener is unique, expect slight variations due to the natural grain of the leather.

Sometimes you’ll see light scuffs in the leather, we obviously don’t use damaged leather, but the light scuffs are part of the character of the hide. The hide is most likely the last part of the animal that is left on the planet. It tells a story.

Tool is 7  inches in length

Made in the USA

***CAUTION: Sharp and/or broken beverage cans or bottles can cause injury. Misuse of our products can cause injury. Please drink responsibly and in moderation. Rapid consumption of alcoholic beverages can lead to accelerated intoxication.

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