1776 United® Bicentennial Half Dollar Ring

  • 1776 United® Bicentennial Half Dollar Ring

1776 United® Bicentennial Half Dollar Ring

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Liberty Or Death!


All Jewelry has a lead time of 2 weeks as they are made to order.


Behold, ultimate American craftsmanship for your trigger finger. These 1976 Bicentennial coins--also known as Kennedy Half Dollars--have been expertly rolled into handsome rings. The outside of the coins are an awesome and patriotic statement, while details on the inside feature text from the other side of the coin: United States of America, E Pluribus Unum, and 200 Years of Freedom. Each coin's ridges are also still intact on one side of the ring, creating a very unique border for the text. We wear these cool little tokens every day and get nothing but great comments on them. 


- Available in 10 different sizes

- Struck in 1975 or 1976

- Copper-Nickel clad

- Extended wear and exposure to water will cause the ring to rub off on your finger over time and may cause it to turn green. (It is a real coin so this will happen, but it washes off.)

Rings are coated with a protective finish to preserve the details of the ring. This coating will come off over time and will rub off on your finger over an extended time of wearing. There is no way around this as it is an actual coin made from copper-nickel. Do not expose to water, especially salt water.