1776 United® State Ring

  • 1776 United® State Ring

1776 United® State Ring

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These rings are handcrafted out of uncirculated mint state quarters. Each ring is double-sided and features state-specific details which wrap around the band. These rings are an awesome way to keep your home state on your mind. 

- Available in 12 different sizes

- Copper-Nickel clad

- Extended wear and exposure to water will cause the ring to rub off on your finger over time and may cause it to turn green. (It is a real coin so this will happen, but it washes off.)

Rings are coated with a protective finish to preserve the details of the ring. This coating will come off over time and may rub off on your finger over an extended period of wear. Preserve the life of your ring by not exposing it to water, especially salt water.