Decaf Medium Roast

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Our Decaf Washington Roast has carefully selected and perfectly roasted beans that create a delicious Colombian single-origin decaf roast with flavor notes of cherry, citrus, cocoa, and roasted almond, and is beautifully packaged in our resealable pouches and delivered to your door. Our pouches feature a one-way valve that is specifically designed to keep coffee fresh. A cup of this coffee will ensure you're not up all night wired on caffeine yet still gives you the great taste of coffee you enjoy.

To ensure quality and consistency, we always use single-origin coffee beans and roast in smaller batches, which makes control during the roasting process easier so that all of the coffee beans get a similar roast. This small-batch roasting helps us maintain superior quality control that cannot be matched in larger batches.

It also helps us speed up the entire process from start-to-finish and significantly reduces the time between roasting and packaging. This ensures you receive the freshest, best-smelling coffee possible every time.

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  • Flavor: Cherry, Citrus, Cocoa, Roasted Almond
  • Body: Medium
  • Acidity: Bright
  • Geographical Region: Valle del Cauca
  • Country: Colombia
  • Altitude: 1750 ft
  • Processing Method: Washed
Made by Common Sense Coffee

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