The Gadsden

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3D Eyes
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The Gadsden from Fish or Die Bait Company, is the first custom bait produced by Founder, Taylor Magditch. Although he specifically designed it for drop-shotting, The Gadsden provides the ability to be applied in many different techniques, such as Ned Rig, Damiki Rig, & Neko Rig.

Paired with high-quality 3D eyes, a ribbed spine to allow fluent side-to-side movement, and a cupped tail to emphasize the fluttering action, The Gadsden is the epitome of a baitfish imitation.

The newest and most anticipated bait option released from Fish or Die’s arsenal, The Gadsden is sure to have you spending time screaming “Get The Net!”

Techniques include: 

  • Drop Shot
  • Ned Rig
  • Neko Rig
  • Damiki Rig

Quantity: 7 in a Pack

Size: 3.6

Plastic Firmness: II (I-IV)

Stench: Mustard Gas (Garlic/Craw)

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