Betsy Ross Flag Tattoo – 1776 United
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Betsy Ross Flag Tattoo

The name 1776 United was partially inspired by my '1776' tattoo I got on my right arm in 2009, so I feel compelled to show off my newest tattoo, the Betsy Ross flag. A buddy of ours who is a well-known tattoo artist and huge supporter of 1776 United, Brandon Bond, owns a shop here in Atlanta called All or Nothing. I swung down there yesterday and had an artist of theirs, Mark Mitchell (who was also, get this, the bassist for hardcore band Throwdown!), give me an all-black version of the historic flag. I opted to have the flag with the stars facing--or, assaulting--forward. If you're ever in Atlanta and in need of a great tattoo shop, All or Nothing won't disappoint. Thanks Mark and Brandon!

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