Don't Tread on Me - A Few Things You May Not Know About The Gadsden Flag

Many of us are quite familiar with the famous flag that warns enemies of America--foreign and domestic--not to tread on Her. However, there are some very interesting, and very appropriate details about the flag that are unknown to most.   Many speculate that the Rattlesnake was chosen as the snake for...

IraqVeteran8888 Range Day 2016

So this year we had great weather (hurricane came through last year), good food and a ton of awesome firearms to shoot. IraqVeteran8888 hosts a Range Day every year and this was our 4th year attending. It is invite only as of right now, but even so there are a...

Thank you for wearing 1776 United all over the world!

We'd like to take a moment to thank our awesome customers for your support, your photos, and your business.  There are a lot of great clothing companies out there, and when you choose to wear 1776 United it means a great deal to us. We are honored with every picture we receive of fans wearing our gear, whether it's a simple trip to the grocery store, or a journey to another country.   

Have a Question? Ask WWII...

Our friend Kyle over at the Stove Pipe Sentinel wrote a blog this week that's just too appropriate not to share. If we look back to World War II and Nazi Germany, there are many similarities between what happened then and what's going on now. Maybe not religiously, but politically and ideologically... I'll let Kyle explain. 

Bumper Sticker Trolls -- We Need Your Help!

Ok, guys. I had a great idea today to make satirical bumper stickers "supporting" Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton for their 2016 Presidential campaigns. What we need are, funny ideas for slogans on the bumper stickers. Best idea for each candidate will win a $100 Gift Card! Here are some...

Betsy Ross Flag Tattoo

I just got a new tattoo -- the Betsy Ross flag. All-black and assaulting forward. Thanks to the guys at All or Nothing in Atlanta for great work and support of 1776 United!

VIDEO: Americans Can't Explain Independence Day

The education system in the United States has failed us SO MISERABLY, that to many of us the year 1776 is a complete mystery. MANY OF US DO NOT EVEN KNOW WHO WE DECLARED INDEPENDENCE FROM. This is mind-boggling.

1776 United Spotted in the US Virgin Islands!

I had the great privilege this past week to spend time with my beautiful girlfriend and my mom and dad in the paradise that is the United States Virgin Islands. We stayed in a pretty rustic villa on the island of St. John, which is the smallest and least populated of the three US virgin islands, the other two being St. Thomas and St. Croix.