Change in our Tees!

For our long time customers, this is a message for you. For new customers, you won't know the difference!

A lot of you know we used to use Next Level apparel tees which offered a great fit and feel. Well over the last year we have slowly made the switch to Bella Canvas and there are a bunch of reasons why we did this.

First off, inventory levels through covid and post covid have become an issue with suppliers and distributors. Which has caused delays in our shipping and production. 

Secondly, we have noticed a change in quality and consistency, along with more defects on the shirts we would receive. 

Third, Bella Canvas has many styles made in the USA and also made in South America but with US materials. This push to have more American Made products is key for us being a patriotic brand. 

Also as of May of 2023, after we had already made the switch to Bella Canvas, another brand uncovered that Next Level was using slave labor in parts of china. Which just confirms that the move we made was a good one to begin with. We no longer use Next Level apparel in our line up.

 You can read more about it here:
As far as the fit and feel. Bella Canvas is one of the best companies in the printing industry with what we do. Their products are top of the line, and their volume provides enough for us so we do not run into inventory issues like we used to. The feel is very similar to what we used and the fit is very close but may run slightly smaller. 
Please let us know if you have any questions in regards to this change and we will try to answer you as best we can!! 
As always we love you guys, and thank you for all the support over the years since we started this brand way back in 2009! 

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