Canton Series - Betsy Ross - Women's Relaxed Fit – 1776 United
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Canton Series - Betsy Ross - Women's Relaxed Fit

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The canton, featuring the stars, may have gradually replaced the Grand Union flag as hope for reconciliation faded. Regimental flags featuring stars in a blue canton, such as those of theGreen Mountain Boys or 1st Rhode Island Regiment, may have pre-dated the 1777 Flag Resolution. Stars were important symbols in European heraldry, their meaning differing with the shape and number of points. Stars appear in colonial flags as early as 1676. Some have speculated that stars may be linked to Freemasonry, but stars of this type were not an important icon in Freemasonry. Although early American flags featured stars with various numbers of points, the five-pointed star is a defining feature of the Betsy Ross legend. The five-pointed star became the norm on Navy ensigns, perhaps because five-pointed stars were more clearly defined from a distance.

This is our new relaxed fit for women. This is the perfect fitting tee and runs true to size. Perfect to tie up, crop or style it any way you want!

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