Global Warming My Ass – 1776 United
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Global Warming My Ass

Coldest month in a century, huh? Well if my head is screwed on correctly (and I think it is), that would signify global cooling... right? Wrong. At least according to believers of Global Warming/Climate Change. 


We're made to believe that whatever the weather is doing, it's "Global Warming".


Hot? Global Warming.

Cold? Global Warming. 

Flood? Global Warming.

Drought? Global Warming. 

Car problem? Global Warming. 

Diarrhea? Global Damn Warming. 


Well, which is it? Can you really blame any condition on Global Warming, just to suit your argument? 


Wasn't the recent ship stuck in the ice in the Antarctic up there to STUDY GLOBAL WARMING? The irony is priceless. 


Looks pretty hot. 

Looks pretty hot.  


So what do you think? Is Global Warming/Climate Change really occurring, or is it just another made-up theory used for political gain?