Shockwave in the Desert

So Shockwave in the Desert 2015 just wrapped up a few days ago. We were lucky enough to make it out and represent 1776 United. Went alone on this one as Cody was stuck at work. But I was able to snag some awesome photos, meet some great people, and have a grand time in Phoenix. Thanks to Eric from Fox Den Tactical for letting me crash at his place and driving my ass around!

Flew in Thursday morning, relaxed for a bit and hit up the casino at night. Didn't quite win my retirement fund like I had envisioned, but had a good time. Friday we hit up a local spot for some Bloody Mary's in the morning and then headed to Cowtown as that's where the event was going to be. Just me and Eric for the whole day, just warming up the place.

James from 1776 United

Headed back to his place so he could work on some slings.

Drinking on the job.

Then we headed to the pre-event party hosted by Jill Hensley at their ranch. All the vendors and sponsors showed up for a little meet and greet, and shots, and cigars, and more shots...

Saturday morning was fun, got there right on time to set up our booth's. Here's some pictures throughout the day.

Here is a car that was blown to pieces and on fire for about an hour. 

1776 United at Shockwave in the Desert

A few shots of some random attendee's letting loose on the car.

1776 United at Shockwave in the Desert

1776 United at Shockwave in the Desert

Didn't get to shoot this jeep mounted machine gun, forgot the exact model but it was sick!

The Barrett .50 Cal!

1776 United at Shockwave in the Desert

Just a portion of all the madness going on.

Saturday nights festivities back at the Den.

1776 United at Shockwave in the Desert

Then a long trip back to Atlanta Sunday morning. Looking forward to next year, and make sure to come see us in Nashville at the NRA Convention. We will be handing out FREE special edition logo tee's you will not be able to get anywhere else.