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Things Americans Care About

I shared a cartoon on Facebook this morning that got me thinking: There's an inverse relationship between what Americans care about, and how important an issue is.

The very cartoon I posted is the perfect example: 

You get the gist. The nuclear deal with Iran, something that may quite literally affect the entire world, is getting less attention from the media and is of lesser interest on social media than something happening in one pizzeria in Indiana. The opinion of one business owner on gay rights has the entire nation in an uproar, but a deal with Iran concerning nuclear technology--and therefore, nuclear bombs--does not. I guess it has a lot to do with ignorance being bliss, or whatever. People like to turn a blind eye to what frightens them, to what makes them think. This is always apparent for us when posting on Facebook. If we share a funny meme or picture...BOOM, 100 likes in 10 minutes. If we share a blog or thought-provoking article, it gathers much less steam. Social media, as much as it does for our business, really hinders intelligent thought. People want to see the next thing, the next story. Scrolling endlessly through Instagram pictures is so much easier than reading an article, and it becomes more attractive if it's through pictures that are unimportant and unrelated to you. Important issues ≠ what the average American wants to see.

Anyway, enough of my tangent. I've gathered up a mindless, picture-by-picture list for you to scroll through. All things that Americans can look at to feel good and forget about problems that seem stressful and are best kept at a distance. Feel free to post your own picture examples below!

In no particular order...

Would you look at that! That cat is rolled up like a burrito! #puuuurrito


Dancing With the Stars should be called "Distraction With the Stars".


The Obamas on Easter! They're just so tasteful!


The Kardashians and their oiled up, greasy booties.


Sports stars in time-out. (by the way, have you heard this dude might get away with it?)


The emergence of plus-size models. #ImNoAngel -- ooh, clever!


Bruce Jenner "becoming a woman", or whatever the hell that means.


Why hasn't anyone set this damn thing on fire yet?


Zayn's departure from One Direction. I still can't believe it... :(


Bill Cosby raping people.


The "Biebs" getting roasted.


Anne Hathaway lip syncing to Simple Jack's song.


The 2015 NCAA Championship. Okay, okay. We watched this, too.



New 1776 United shirts. Who are those dorks, anyway? 


Well there you have it. My thoughtfully-curated list of some hot topics, most of which receive more attention and create more buzz than countless others of greater import. Who should we blame? Is it really our fault that the media force-feeds us garbage to distract us from real issues? Or should we take notice of that, and seek out truth and important stories and get involved, despite their best efforts to keep us from doing so? Is it really so bad that people would rather look at cute animal pictures instead of scary news headlines, because we can't make a difference anyway? 

If you were patient enough to read this blog, let us know what you think in the comments below!