Nashville was, in a word, awesome. The NRA Convention was a total whirlwind; full of fans, shirts, bourbon, and even a little hot tub action. We would like to thank all those who chased us down at Music City Center and around town to grab a special edition shirt, or even just a few stickers. You guys are the reason we do this. Sorry to all those we missed, that place is huge and without a booth it's hard to find people! We're debating getting a booth next year, but walking around kind of makes it more fun. 

Here are a few sights from the weekend and some shots of the gang!


The house the 1776 United crew got to stay in for the weekend. Some of you may recognize it as Deacon's House from the show "Nashville". Truly a great spot to stay, super convenient to the show at Music City Center


James and I ready to hit the show and give out some goods! (If you weren't aware, James is the 6'6" sasquatch on the left, eye-level with the top of the sign.)


This is Arkos, the service dog. He's most often seen with Jason of the Sonoran Desert Institute's School of Firearms Technology. Arkos is a really cool pup, he even has his own instagram: @arkostheservicedog


On Friday afternoon we stopped at the Broadway Brewhouse to grab lunch, and lo and behold, there's Hickok45 & Son of YouTube fame. Our buddy Eric from Iraqveteran8888 is in the middle. Looks like Hickok blinked!


From left to right: Chad, Jason, James, Eric, Cody. Eric apparently had some very interesting things to say!


This was the whole crew on Saturday. From left to right: Mike from Allstar Tactical & Inked Up Gunfighter, Melody, Brooke, Reco from Blacklist Industries, James, Haleigh, Cody. 


Eric was trying to be serious and talk guns with someone and Reco ambushed him from behind. 


Brooke, Brandy from Iraqveteran888, Melody, and Haleigh. (it's a good thing we didn't have any good looking women with us!)


Mel did her best Elvis impression, and I'm pretty impressed I must say. 


Mike and Reco coming down one of the myriad escalators at the show. Reco wore our special edition NRA shirt well. Mike's very own Allstar Tactical "Don't Hate Me 'Cause I'm Black" shirt got a lot of attention. I love it!


We took to the streets in search of good BBQ and man did we find it. If you're in Nashville and you're looking for good ribs, dry rub, or just a great BBQ "sammich", you've absolutely gotta try Peg Leg Porker


This bar was obviously happy to have the NRA members' dollars, but wasn't so keen on allowing a bunch of concealed carriers drinking inside. There are different opinions on this, we'll let you guys hash it out in the comments as we did on Instagram


Lots of 1776 United sticker sightings around the event! If you guys stick these anywhere, be sure to tag us in them @1776united and use the #1776united hashtag! 



If ever you're in Nashville, don't miss the Parthenon. Commissioned in 1897 for Tennessee's Centennial Exposition, it is the world's only full scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens. There is also a full scale replica of the statue of Athena inside. I'm serious, check this place out. It's only around 12 bucks for two adults to go. 


The aforementioned statue of Athena. I'm serious, this thing is huge. Haleigh was amazed, as was I. There is also a small Nashville art museum located under the massive structure. Check it out. 


All in all, great time! We can't wait for Shot Show, and for next year's NRA Convention. See you all there!