The Gadsden & Old Ironsides -- Two New Back-of-Shirt Designs!

Hey guys! We've just released two new back-of-shirt designs for you: The Gadsden and Old Ironsides. These shirts both carry great historic significance in the United States. 

The Gadsden Flag, Old Ironsides

Old Ironsides is the nickname given to the USS Constitution, a battleship who was instrumental in our victory in the War of 1812 and many other conflicts. She is still intact, making her the oldest commissioned warship in the world still afloat. Currently, Old Ironsides is undergoing heavy restorations so that we may enjoy touring the ship and celebrating it for years to come.

Old Ironsides Shirt

Buy Old Ironsides here.

The Gadsden design hardly needs an introduction. Many other companies have created a "Don't Tread on Me" design, but we figured we could do it better. Like the others, ours features the coiled snake from the famous flag, with the famous phrase emblazoned below, but is faded and much more subtle.

Gadsden Flag Shirt

Buy The Gadsden here.

Both of these new shirts have a small 1776 United logo and title of the shirt on the front left breast, with the main design printed squarely on the back. People will stare as you walk by, and maybe even follow you down the street to check these bad boys out! 

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