April 2019 Tee Party Shot Heard Round The World – 1776 United
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April 2019 Tee Party Shot Heard Round The World

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This was our April 2019 Tee Party shirt. It is now available to the general public at our normal shirt pricing, without the custom Tee Party Neck Tag, and without any of the swag that originally came with it in the Tee Party shipment.

April 19th, 1775. The first military engagements of the Revolutionary War happened as the sun was rising in Lexington, and continued on the North Bridge at Concord. The famous “Stand Your Ground” quote from John Parker is attributed to him, but likely is not accurate. While he probably did say “don’t fire unless fired upon” the rest of the quote is unknown. No one knows who fired the first shot at Lexington, but shortly after nervous British soldiers fired a volley, killing several militiamen and Parker’s men fled. Regrouping at the North Bridge in Concord with over 400 men, they proceeded to advance on the British as they fell back to town.

Our shirts run a little small and are athletic fit so if you are in between sizes or are unsure, please order up one size.

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