Independence Hall - Women's Relaxed Fit – 1776 United
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Independence Hall - Women's Relaxed Fit

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This is a past Tee Party Shirt - September 2020

Independence Hall. Some think of it as the birthplace of America, and the revolution. The Constitution of the United States was Created and Presented here in September of 1787. Was not ratified until June of the following year. But we wanted to pay homage to the historic site which is still standing in downtown Philly. Go check it out, great long weekend history trip. The building was completed in 1753 as the Pennsylvania State House, and served as the capitol for the Province and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania until the state capital moved to Lancaster in 1799. It became the principal meeting place of the Second Continental Congress from 1775 to 1783 and was the site of the Constitutional Convention in the summer of 1787.

This is our new relaxed fit for women. This is the perfect fitting tee and runs true to size. Perfect to tie up, crop or style it any way you want!

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