Whiskey Rebellion Patch – 1776 United
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Whiskey Rebellion Patch

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The Whiskey Rebellion began in 1791 in response to an excise tax on domestic distilled spirits under new President George Washington. Until 1794 there was an ongoing resistance to the collection of the tax, which was finally suppressed by a force of nearly 13,000 militiamen headed by Washington himself. The Rebellion played a major part in creating early political parties in the United States and the tax was eventually repealed under Thomas Jefferson in 1802. 

This patch is an homage to our brave countrymen who rebelled against taxation without local representation only two decades after fighting for the same ideals in the Revolutionary War. 

Cheers to them!

Order is for 1 Patch!

Size is 3.25x2.5 inches. Patches have a velcro backing.

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