Meerkat, #VoteForLiberty and the 2016 Election

Before we know it, the 2016 Presidential Election will be in full swing; with accusations, stories and dirt flying like crazy from both sides of the aisle. In 2012, Twitter became one of the most useful tools to the Obama camp, as millions of young voters took to their phones to show support and get out the vote for the would-be future president. Well, it's a little over a year and a half until we vote for our next president, and Twitter will once again play a huge role in the way news and facts are distributed about the candidates. The only difference is, an app called Meerkat is now available to us, which uses Twitter as a feed for its video streaming tech. There is also Periscope, Twitter's own video streaming answer to Meerkat. Think Snapchat, but public. With Meerkat, you can send a live video of where you are or what you're doing to your Twitter feed, and people can respond publicly the same way they would to a regular tweet. This will no doubt be huge for journalists, bloggers, and rally goers during the election. Why am I telling everyone this? Because I propose the spreading of our hashtag, #voteforliberty, across Meerkat and Twitter leading up to next year's vote.

It's amazing what you can do with a t-shirt. You might remember what a huge impact P. Diddy's "Vote or Die" shirts made years back, with a slogan that really stood for, and meant nothing.

Vote for Liberty means one thing: vote for the candidate, not the party, who will secure the freedoms of the American people. Vote for the candidate who will fight to expand our liberties, not restrict and strike them out. Vote for the candidate who will support the Second Amendment. Vote for the candidate who will aim to decrease the size of our Leviathan government, not feed it. Voting for Liberty means supporting the Constitution, the freedoms and the ideals of the United States of America. 

We can all band together behind #voteforliberty, and harness the power of both Meerkat and Twitter to get our message of the need for freedom to the voting masses. Wear your shirts, post stickers and posters, and throw them up on Meerkat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Let's get this hashtag posted thousands of times, until people who've never heard of 1776 United are using it to support the candidate who will fight for our Liberties. Hey, it's as good a plan as any, and it's already on a badass t-shirt. More shirts, posters and stickers surrounding the election will be printed, with designs that will inspire conversation and action. We need your help to get the #voteforliberty message out there.

We'll create the goods, it's up to you to spread them around! 

Every generation needs a new revolution,

Cody Brown, 1776 United



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