Whiskey Rebellion, Patriot Mob and a New Logo Tee!

We've got three new shirts for you guys to add to your collections! We're beyond excited for all the new designs we have in store for you this year, and we're starting it off with some radical historic tees!   Whiskey Rebellion The first shirt we're releasing is the Whiskey...

Beer, Trains, and a New Camera in the City Too Busy To Hate

James came into town a couple of weeks ago from Greenville, SC toting his new camera. We decided to take that puppy out and snap some pictures of the new shirts. A buddy of ours, Kyle, came along for the ride and we headed into town looking for good spots to shoot. There are a lot of areas in Atlanta that have a lot of character and history, but they're becoming fewer and fewer. Mostly because in the south we don't hold onto historic property the way they do up north. If we've got something old and dilapidated, we tear it down and put a shopping center where it was. Up north it seems like they're more apt to restore something or reuse it rather than tear it down and start fresh. So when looking for cool spots to shoot, we were surprised to find that some of the ones we were used to weren't around anymore. Bummer. Although we did find a pretty cool train yard on the north side of town as the day was coming to a close. We've been using some of the shots on the site and for social media, but here are a few of the outtakes that aren't quite "print ready".

Meerkat, #VoteForLiberty and the 2016 Election

Before we know it, the 2016 Presidential Election will be in full swing; with accusations, stories and dirt flying like crazy from both sides of the aisle. In 2012, Twitter became one of the most useful tools to the Obama camp, as millions of young voters took to their phones to show support and get out the vote for the would-be future president. Well, it's a little over a year and a half until we vote for our next president, and Twitter will once again play a huge role in the way news and facts are distributed about the candidates. The only difference is, an app called Meerkat is now available to us, which uses Twitter as a feed for its video streaming tech. There is also Periscope, Twitter's own video streaming answer to Meerkat. Think Snapchat, but public. With Meerkat, you can send a live video of where you are or what you're doing to your Twitter feed, and people can respond publicly the same way they would to a regular tweet. This will no doubt be huge for journalists, bloggers, and rally goers during the election. Why am I telling everyone this? Because I propose the spreading of our hashtag, #voteforliberty, across Meerkat and Twitter leading up to next year's vote.

Lots of new products available!

Check out our home page under the New Products section, we have released a lot of new shirts, decals, patches, money clips and more within the past couple of weeks. Just launched the Money Clips, two shirts and a new decal today alone!. Below are some pictures of our new products!