Beer, Trains, and a New Camera in the City Too Busy To Hate

James came into town a couple of weeks ago from Greenville, SC toting his new camera. We decided to take that puppy out and snap some pictures of the new shirts. A buddy of ours, Kyle, came along for the ride and we headed into town looking for good spots to shoot. There are plenty of areas in Atlanta that have a lot of character and history, but they're becoming fewer and fewer. Mostly because in the south we don't hold onto historic property the way they do up north. If we've got something old and dilapidated, we tear it down and put a shopping center where it was. Up north it seems like they're more apt to restore something or reuse it rather than tear it down and start fresh. So when looking for cool spots to shoot, we were surprised to find that some of the ones we knew of weren't around anymore. Bummer. Although we did find a pretty cool train yard on the north side of town as the day was coming to a close. We've been using some of the shots on the site and for social media, but here are a few of the outtakes that aren't quite "print ready".



James snapped a selfie at the loft. 


Might be time to tidy up a bit. 


Mmmm... 21st Amendment Brew Free or Die IPA. Now that's a beer we can relate to.


Kyle's got jokes! Making me waste perfectly good Dale's Pale Ale... 


We picked up this sweet little gun lighter / laser-pointer for a cool $12 at the Shell station. We bought so much random shit at the gas station (total was like 97 bucks) that the guy in line behind us muttered "Jesus." when we were finally done checking out. Hahaha!


Big Jim needed a little help lighting his stogie. 


Business can get stressful. Thankfully, James has strong hands. 


Tried to flag down a homeless dude who wandered too far onto the tracks. "Bro watch out!"  


It's hard to go an entire photoshoot without someone doing a blurry sasquatch impression in the background. At 6'6", James doesn't have a hard time. Kyle was obviously oblivious (say that five times fast).


It seems like we're always just messing with Kyle. Poor dude's just trying to look cool for the camera. 


That's a diplomatic handshake. Eye contact is key. 


Borrowed this one from Black Sails. I have a certain affinity for pirates, so this seemed like a good idea at the time...


We had an "aewsome" time. 


Giovanni and Bandit were ready to party when we finished the shoot. 


We had a multitude of different beers that night. Jekyll is from right here in Atlanta, and their beer is great. That's my fantasy football trophy in the background. I won this past season with relative ease. Not hard when you're going against James and Giovanni. 


In typical fashion, we partied hard. Kyle almost made it to the end, but he was pretty gassed. 


All in all, awesome time with the new camera! Next shoot will be in Nashville for the NRA Convention, then we'll be in Greenville soon thereafter. Make sure to drop us a line if you're going to be near the convention in Nashville and swing by to grab a free, special edition 1776 United t-shirt! 


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