Whiskey Rebellion, Patriot Mob and a New Logo Tee! – 1776 United
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Whiskey Rebellion, Patriot Mob and a New Logo Tee!

We've got three new shirts for you guys to add to your collections! We're beyond excited for all the new designs we have in store for you this year, and we're starting it off with some radical historic tees!


Whiskey Rebellion

The first shirt we're releasing is the Whiskey Rebellion, featuring the flag that flew above our countrymen who sought to resist our nation's first tax on a domestic product. The spirit of these Americans lives on today in the proud eagle holding the red and white banner surrounded by 13 stars. The brave men who stood up to the excise tax on whiskey and other spirits weren't just resisting taxation without local representation, they were resisting the idea that government can do whatever it pleases, even if it was headed by George Washington at the time.

Patriot Mob

Our next new shirt, Patriot Mob, pays respect to the colonists who lost their lives in the Boston Massacre on March 5, 1770. Boston citizens Samuel Gray, Samuel Maverick, James Caldwell, and Crispus Attucks were killed on-site when British troops opened fire into a mob of colonists who were rioting over the occupation of Boston by the British soldiers. The event eventually led to the evacuation of Boston by the British occupiers and the subsequent Revolutionary War. Our shirt features the coffins of the four patriots, with a custom tag at bottom and ‘Liberty or Death’ scrawled on back.

Kelly Green Logo Tee

We plan to be releasing several new Logo Tees this year, each one featuring a new color. Our first of the year will be Kelly Green to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Pick one up if you don’t want to be pinched on the 17th — but hurry, we only made 100 of ‘em!